Which Areas of My Face Can I Treat with Botox?

Which Areas of My Face Can I Treat with Botox

Botox is a great treatment as it can be used just about anywhere on the body. That being said, it is important to know that some parts of the body will respond better to it when compared to others. Find out more below.

Which Areas of My Face Can I Treat with Botox?

Forehead Wrinkles

You have to remember that your forehead muscles are continually in use. As a result, they tend to show the first signs of ageing. As they are so difficult to hide, this tends to be one of the main treatment areas. Botox treatment for the forehead is quick and simple; on top of this, it doesn’t require any anesthesia. If you get Botox on the face, you can expect it to last up to six months.

Crow’s Feet

These are very small lines that extend from the corners of your eye. Botox in Northville MI injections work very well here as they help to ease the appearance of wrinkles such as this, while also ensuring that you have a very youthful look.

Marionette Lines

Marionette lines extend from the corners of your mouth. Some people experience drooping mouth as well. Botox is very good at treating lines such as this and you would be surprised at how effective it can be at making both your mouth and lips look more youthful.

Frown Lines

The lines on your forehead, between your eyebrows and your hairline, are known as being frown lines. These lines can make you look angry, tired or upset. Botox helps to reduce the general depth of lines such as this.

Smoker’s Lines

Smoker’s lines are also known as perioral lines. You don’t have to be a smoker to have these lines on your face. If you want to eliminate them then one way for you to do so would be for you to undergo a simple Botox procedure. If you’re not sure if you have smoker’s lips or not, then simply purse your lips and take note of any fine lines that appear.

Neck Bands

Neck cords, or bands tend to appear when your platysma muscles start to sag. When you have a Botox injection, these muscles will relax, and this will make any neck bands that you do have look much less visible. Botox in the neck is ideal if you want to relax the muscles around your jawline and it almost gives you a bit of a neck lift too. Just keep in mind that Botox will not work on the fat in the neck, you will have to undergo another procedure to help you with this.

Sagging Brows

If you have sagging brows then Botox is a fantastic solution. And if you want a brow lift but don’t want to go down the route of surgery, then injectables are a great way for you to get the results you are looking for without you having to have any downtime at all.

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